10 Best Long Blonde Hairstyles for Women in 2023


The word ‘blondes much more fun’ could not become more suitable this summer, which explains why we’re all going to the salon and choosing lighter colors, buttery features, or all those sandy shades created for beach days.


There are many blonde hairstyles for women that are offered. Although there are choices, you’re sure to look for an ideal style for your hairstyle and face shape.

But how can you style stunning long blonde locks? Check out our 10 best hairstyles for long blonde, which is essential celebrity enthusiasm to bring you started.

Top 10 Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair for Women

1. Beach Waves Hairstyles

The ‘go to’ summer style that is stylish and simple to keep has to be the tranquil beach waves look. Long blonde hair was created with this! If you’ve acquired curlers or hair straighteners, this is feasible and looks beautiful on outlined hair. And who does not love long blonde wavy hair?

2 . Smooth and Straight Hairstyles

Let your straighteners do their best together and efficiently for a more attractive, graceful, and stylish design. It is perfect for those wearing long blonde hair with an edge also.

3. Corkscrew Curls Hairstyles

We can be hurling it back to the 80s using this one; however, for bouncy, bigger-than-life curls, the corkscrew influence is undoubtedly a victor! If you have acquired long blonde curly hair, this is simpler to accomplish, but if not, keep hope. All you want is the moment, persistence, and a bit of assurance to draw this out. It appears better still after a night’s rest, also!

4. Casual Up Do Hairstyles

For work times and weekends, a casual updo is ideal while it’s both comfortable or you are sensation the ‘bad hair day vibes.’ The look is excellent using the consistency in long blonde layered hair, and we suggest adding a slight curl before longing for the hair ties for any small additional quantity.

5. Plaited to Perfection Hairstyles

Have they started a celebration this summer? After that, plaits are bound to become your savior. From French to fishtail, they can change an easy hairstyle and are a marriage staple for an explanation! A perfect beautiful look to tame such long-time blonde beach hair.

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6. The Space Bun Hairstyles

So, we have covered the 80s; it’s time for you to honor the 90s, which includes on-trend space buns. They are easy and excellent if you want to stay ahead of the crowd with assorted long blonde hair ideas. An additional festival winner!

7. The Top Knot Hairstyles

Super adorable and easy, the messy top knot is fantastic for including different things in your conventional half-up, half-down look. It succeeds when you frantically wish to get hair from your face but even now feel you’ve created hard work. Celebrities are caring about this one presently.

9. The Blow Dry Hairstyles

Once you think of ideal hairstyles for long blonde hair, the blow-dried will be at the best of the checklist should you look level and have that female feel. We assure you you don’t have to visit the hairdressers to acquire this look!

10. Centre Parting Hairstyles

Believe in Kardashian elegance using this one. Hub partings appear incredible on long blonde hair having a top edge and more oval face styles. This style performs anytime if you like your hair straight or curly.

11. Side Parting Hairstyles

A deep side parting brings much more shape around your face, which has been done for long blonde layered hair. Flattering and contemporary, do this during summertime with tranquil curls or more set-up waves for Hollywood fashion.

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12. Celebrity Hair Crushes Hairstyles

We are caring about the fact that many blonde looks are good with celebrities now. From smooth and chic to big and messy – here are some of the most popular haircuts for long blonde hair. What is your preferred?


It will not be organic, but Khloe Kardashian completely fits lighter colors and has been rocking the blonde for some time now. She’s full of combining it up, from distinctive bobs to ponytails, to big curls. Particular hairstyle motivation, so get Googling!


The naturally blonde Perrie Edwards stands apart in Small Enhance, her superbly styled hair. From platinum blonde too much more stripped-back darker ash shades, she’s completed everything. We’re caring for her recently cut long bob. It is excellent with tousled waves and also a side separating.

Rita is our fashion blonde, and it has combined it up over time. From tight curls and a beanie to help excitement cuts and today’s extensive waves, her fretting style has never been someone to stop at the girl outfits – which we love her for this! Her hair lookbook is certainly one to check out if you’re courageous.


Online experience Zoella provides us with hair envy days. Starting with brownish long ombre hair, she has gradually been acquiring blonder and blonder and tried many hairstyles – many of which are characteristic in this post. So if you are looking great helpful article, head to her YouTube channel. Her corkscrew curls are particularly impressive!

A Good Hair Day

Blonde long hairstyles are incredibly different, and the variety of fun that appears offered is unlimited.

  • If you’re in a hurry, messy buns are fast but look fashionable.
  • For excellent wedding guest hair, plaits or pretty waves help you.
  • Outlined hair is perfect for smooth curls to display the different shades.
  • Should you want highly curly hair, grab that thin wand. Just be sure you will have an hour to repeat it to excellence.
  • Changing wherever your parting sits can change a straight-down do – try it!

The summer was performed for superbly outlined hair; select your color and check out a wide variety of our summarized items to create these style favorites. You’re absolute to be left sensation self-confident and using so much more ideas. Long blonde hair doesn’t need to be a chore to handle – often, you need a little motivation.