35 Stylish Bridal Wear Lehenga Designs That You Must Try


The bridal lehenga dress is used by South Asian brides in India. It‘s a sophisticated and classic dress. The outfit is a two-piece ensemble consisting of a lehenga, a skirt with a built-in blouse called choli (or blouse), and a dupatta. Lehengas are adorned with beads, sequins or stones. They’re a luxurious and elegant dress.


Selecting cuts, works, adornment, fabrics, consoles plus much more obtainable in the making of lehengas are amazing and extensive. Using the different the different parts of the lehenga-choli, and what mixtures do the bride’s natural characteristics get outlined by the dress itself, are just a few of the ideas that go into creating ideal bridal lehenga. We now have for you 20 fantastic bridal lehenga designs for you.

The most well-known bridal dress in Indian weddings is the lehenga-choli, additionally worn through women in seasons and festivities. However the bridal couture for lehenga-choli is huge hot and variegated, developing with all types of modern revolutions and affects.

1. Red Bridal Lehenga With Floral Work

This kind of red and gold bridal lehenga will reveal the reason every bride desires to wear this particular for her conventional wedding ceremony! You can view a vibrant red lehenga choli with fantastic gauze dupatta, along with a daring floral Kathiawari work on the lower half of the skirt and duplicated on the blouse. The particular choli utilizes a leaf cut for your neck and it is beautifully covered using the gauze fabric using its own adornment working through its edges.


2. Beautiful Crimson Red Bridal Lehenga

Appliqué has become ever more popular nowadays within casual outfits, which provides back a few of the conventional workmanship in cloth-making via stylish patterns. You can create the bridal red more potent with appliqué within the choli, the sleeves, and keep to the similar concept for the dupatta and also the lehenga. We now have belief in these types of works done within the fabric, what one need to make sure is he best option for you of colors utilized in these thread-works. Lehengas such as tend to be used as lehenga sarees, combined with heavy stone jewellery, for any bridal appear that nobody can overlook!


3. Red Bridal Lehenga With Gold-Zari Work

It truly is awesome in how many methods for you to consider the bridal red in lehenga designs. The particular bridal lehenga you observe here utilizes red silk fabric which has a unique richness as well as brillant. The Karchobi perform utilized here, to daub a range of small flowers and simply leaves in gold thread and sequins, covers the edges in the off-pink gauze dupatta and it is completed off along with cotton button adornment. Gold chinoiserie can also be amply put on the satin material in the lehenga, for any bridal appear that needs appreciation!


4. Bridal Wear Lehenga With Gold-Silver Floral Motifs

Here is one way of creating a regal bridal shape. The red gauze within the ghoonghat has extra minimum designs in sequins, spaced-out evenly to provide the starry appear. The stones utilized in the embroidery proceed perfectly with Kundan jewellery, that continues showing how clothes and accessories use a romantic relationship that has to be viewed as while creating the bridal profile.


5. Bridal Lehenga Saree With Gold Embroidery Work

The bridal red is again tink red within this bridal lehenga design. Just what would distinguish this design from the earlier comparable endeavor is the close-spaced, nearly Rabari-like embroidery of gold reflection sequins near to the neckline and the edges of the lehenga-choli and also the dupatta. It provides such richness towards bridal couture which also jewellery appears recommended!


6. Green Choli Teams With Red Lehenga Thread work

Absolutely nothing states Indian such as red, green and white, right men? Right here we have an similar mixture in this bridal lehenga design – an eco-friendly choli along with substantial floral tatting stitched to it and completed off along with early bit of red fabric for the border of the sleeve.

A red lehenga with similarly comprehensive basically a story of floral and ornamental patterning about what appears like white gold, enclosed by a green fabric along with flawless needlework, offering elegant luxuriance. The dupatta utilizes a white gauze or even Chiffon cloth having a red cotton border which all the decorative thread-work and ornamental factors such as tassels are additional, having a green liner for the edge to combine the colour concept of the the clothing with elegance.


7. Orange And Fuchsia Brocade Lehenga Designs

This unique beautiful select from our list of bridal lehenga styles is about time using the new pattern of red and orange! Gauze fabric wins time period when you are used in the dupatta to include an orange shade. Having a black choli included completely with round gold wire-work which reaches the dark pink A-line lehenga as well, the ending work in the lehenga is encircled by significant Karchobi paisleys. Towards finish, the part of the lehenga pressing the floor is once more occur orange not only including the distinction but for which makes it look like she’s so very hot which she actually is on fire!


8. Pink, Orange and Silver Sequins Bridal Lehenga

It is a completely presentation of your skill along with pink and also orange. The pink or even more exactly the salmon colored choli utilizes needlework just underneath the neckline and increasing to the shoulders. A similar colored lehenga, tasselled in the waist on one part, is proved helpful upon with adornment stitch on as free-running floral vines, repetitive on the option pleats of the lehenga. And also the selection of silver adornment rather than gold is because of the lighter pink and orange, shades which are accompanied very well through the brillant of the silver attractive features.


9. Red Lehenga With Rani Pink Embroidered Choli

You could combine in the silver and gold profiles using the shades utilized in these bridal lehenga designs. This bridal lehenga, used in a classical style, utilizes thread-work and wire-work both in silver and gold, in a visualised collection. The sequins, decorative mirrors, and also pearls utilized for decoration from the fabric, accentuates the actual clothing to a totally new stage. The conifer-like damasks under the waist increases the lehenga aside from the focus provided to creating the borders of it. In this way an antique Indian choose a elegant Indian bride!


10. Bridal Cream Bandhgala Lehenga Choli

This specific gift from bridal couture is covered in off-white cream and emerald green. This spectacular bridal lehenga design includes a bandhgala neckline for your off-white choli and also the adornments work within the turtle-neck is repetitive for the edges in the sleeves.

A similar colored lehenga is embroidered to the bottom part, but intricately and thoroughly with paisleys in Karchobi, and also the whole now accompanied by an emerald green green dupatta. The actual lehenga has embroidered act as well as green tassels which match using the dupatta, as the dupatta furthermore uses adornment highlighting those within the lehenga. Therefore choose an spectacular bridal style with this particular royal select from our variety of bridal lehenga designs!


11. Classic Dull Gold Lehenga Set With Embroidered Red Dupatta

Traditional wheatish gold along with bridal red is really a high-class mixture of shades for any designer bridal lehenga. This beautiful bridal design shows a seriously embroidered lehenga bottom part, with threaded tassels clinking through the waist on a single side, with minimum utilization of red Resham perform within the zari having a delicious red gushing from the better-half, the particular dupatta. The complete organized, except for the choli that is simple and secured, can make technique well-known Karchobi work in glossy gold. Really dont believe lehenga-choli gets improved than this!


12. Silver & Pink Floral Bootis Bridal Lehenga Designs

Once the poet person Robert Burns wrote, “O were my Love yon Lilac fair”… he might happen to be influenced by this amazing lilac bridal lehenga design! This spectacular artwork consists of a choli which makes utilization of small mirror-works reminding you of Kundan jewellery, and curvaceous designs in adornment amply provided to the sleeves. The dupatta shows ideal workmanship with equally organized bhutta designs beautifying the sides in the gauze fabric, in touch with the entire costume with spread flower occasion in ornamental stitches. The actual groom’s gonna go, “Visit this page, Lilac dear!”


13. Baby Pink and Sky Blue Embroidered Lehenga Saree

This bright select from our collection bridal lehenga designs is perfect for you, you angel! This kind of atmosphere blue and baby pink mixture is a hottest that I possess experienced in bridal lehenga designs, using its cloud such as thread-works within white, small white appliqué flower motifs, gem as well as stone adornment in the baby-pink lehenga bottom level, and also the ghoonghat dupatta that is interspersed with starry handiwork within the bright gauze fabric which is layered with equally spread stylish white pearls. So perfect little angels that this groom will not manage to acquire his eyes from the new bride!


14. Aqua Gold Stylish Bridal Wear Lehenga Styles

A transparent aqua bridal lehenga design are what you are searching for to level up your angel activity. This softly structured surface bridal lehenga utilizes sophisticated needle-work and embelleshment inside choli and also dupatta – floral vines in the choli and also a starry night influence on the gauze fabric with thicker borders integrating white-colored and silver Resham work. The focus on the dress is a layered and flared lehenga bottom part, sewed into riffs noticeable by embroidery use silver sequins and thread. For the finish fairy appearance!


15. Bridal Lehenga Designs With Kundan Work

The is definitely an incredible sartorial design that involves vintage duo of shades – sandalwood and brick red. This part makes use of whatever you can perform to a fabric – floral appliqué along with red and green velvet embellished with white stones, tassel-beads within the edges on the dupatta, whoever red and also green velvet lining on the edges are partitioned by gold beads and filigree. The sandalwood choli is usually included with similar considerable work, with white and orange pearls which unify the color palate of the attire that is more simply ‘grandiose’!


16. Check red Choli With Gold Embroidered Black Dupatta

This is really a use the standard lehenga choli, wherever we have been back in black! The bridal lehenga design the following is made of choli within a plaid print fabric utilizing sewed gold to embellish the round neckline and an fuzy print on the lehenga bottom part with conventional damasks over and over again printed to the border in gold. The dupatta, in gauze black fabric, additionally utilizes embelleshment in gold without having wavering through the bold concept of the black. It does not take excellent bridal lehenga style for design and beauty that wont be affected for modern quality.


17. Red, Gold & White Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Designs

You cannot wear just heavy fabrics for any lehenga, you must also bring back great ol’ cotton and linen in fashion! This bridal lehenga design is made from a great natural cotton fabric, with mainly Resham work borders in red, white and orange threads. Further sophisticated and continuous mirror-work with purple thread enhances the entire coloring from the green cotton fabric. An open-cut back for the choli, embellished with purple pearls across the collection, really low sexy back dori for you to get married!


18. Traditional Yellow Lehenga Using Silver- Orange Dupatta And Peacock Blue Choli

What you are about to see is most likely the most happily vibrant bridal lehengas you can look at. Capturing a lot of colors such as the traditional pink and orange in the dupatta, peacock blue choli having a about three quarter length sleeve along with a lehenga bottom of the beautiful pea green shade along with polka like designs on the exterior gauze level of fabric – it is a show of a fantastic variety of shades in a excellent conventional dress.


19. Royals Influenced Bridal Lehenga Designs

If Personally i have tried special currently, pardon me, however the next is a particular possible challenger. This heavy-work fabric creates a royal user profile bridal lehenga design that is a work of art by itself! Including of a vibrant mango colored choli having a three quarter length sleeve included in classic damask in gold embellishing sequins, the intensely embellished lehenga base bordered by gold and green Resham thread-work along with mirror-work different by sections of mirror-works and Karchobi perform, the organized is not finish yet!

An attractive green dupatta along with Rabari-work and also tassels sets royally on the complete dress to create to a close one of the most marvelous and luxurious experience taken by fashion!


20. Gota Gold Choli Work: Bridal Lehenga Designs

When it is not one of the over and you would look for the celeb bride influence, after that start here! The next choose from our set of bridal lehenga designs is beautiful because of its gold choli with Gota work of working floral design; because of its all glaring appliqué lehenga bottom, and also a spectacular ghoonghat dupatta of wheatish gauze fabric encircled through white silk tatting. The bridal lehenga will certainly influence your lover which you are the bride of their aspirations!


21. Metallic Magenta Lehenga Gown

This magenta, gold along with green bridal clothing is described as a lehenga gown. It has an anarkali-style streaming skirt with an angarakha bodice. The dress is combined having a spectacular rust shaded dupatta having gotta work.


22. Decoration Magic Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

This Pakistani bride is possess a intensely decorated lehenga gown in dark pink and gold with a dark green dupatta.


23. The Lehenga and The Jacket

The bride wears a heavily adorned lehenga. Silver zari, stones, beads, crystals etc are utilized on a light orange fabric. The blazer-style jacket is completely adorned and certainly the most eye catching facet of the dress.


24. Gold Toned Glamour Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

This dark gold tissue lehenga is high on the decoration range. In fact, the gold zari and sequin focus on the tissue fabric makes a unique and magical appear.


25. Out-worldly Maroon

An additional beautiful Pakistani bridal lehenga gown! This one offered a awesome maroon tone and is greatly decorated which makes it larger than-life!

26. Pastel Panache Bridal Lehenga

Pakistani bride is wearing a delicate yet beautiful lehenga with long cape style top. The lehenga has a soft pastel blue color and the matte gold embellishment is kept to a minimum!

27. Bride in Green Lehenga

Gorgeous Pakistani bridal lehenga is the perfect combination of green and gold. Instead of a choli, you’ll be wearing a kurta. It’s got zari, gotta, and gold embroidery with sequin and stone.


28. Bridal Subtle Colors Lehenga

Pakistani bride is wearing a gorgeous pastel pink lehenga with beautiful embroidery, but in delicate shades. The net dupatta is like a veil and makes her look stunning. Check out more Pink Bridal lehengas!


29. Rust and Gold Lehenga

Pakistani bride is wearing a vibrant red and gold-toned lehenga paired with a long-sleeved jacket. The overall ensemble is characterized by a strong gold hue. The intricate zara and sequin designs are flawlessly executed.


30. Bridal Yellow Bride Lehenga

Yellow Bridal Lehenga is an unusual color for a Pakistani wedding lehenga, but it’s still stunning! The golden yellow color along with the gold embellishments makes the bride’s skin glow. She looks stunning in this yellow wedding lehenga. Find more yellow bridal lehengas here.


31. The Embellished Kurta Styles

Pakistani bride is looking stunning in a red shade lehenga with peachy red accents on the kurta. The heavy style are in a cool metallic complete!


32. Yellow Glow Lehenga

This bride wears a true yellow tone lehenga with a full-sleeve long choli. The golden zari work goes very well with the yellow color. The pink blossoms on the lehenga form a beautiful contrast!


33. Pakistani Subtle Shades Lehenga

This pastel mint lehenga has a baby pink border and is sleeveless. This lehenga looks very different – mostly due to the embellishments. There is no zari work in this lehenga. Instead, there is matte metallic se sequin work and beads, stone, pearls & crystals. This is a heavily embellished lehenga, but it is not blingy.


34. Bridal Velvets and Zari

This exquisite Pakistani bridal ensemble features a combination of dark maroon velvety velvet, shimmering metallic fabrics, intricately embroidered zari and exotic motifs, creating a captivating and ethereal silhouette for the bride.


35. Bridal White Color Lehenga

This gorgeous dark navy Pakistani wedding lehenga is the perfect choice for your special day! Instead of a chiffon choli, this kurta is paired with a white dupatta for a striking contrast. The embroidery on this lehenga is truly stunning, featuring exotic floral designs in Zardozi works!

Bridal-White-Color-LehengaIf it is not one of the over so you would look for the celebrity bride influence, after that start here! The following choose from our collection of bridal lehenga designs is beautiful because of its gold choli along with Gota work of performing flower corsage motif.

Because of its most featuring appliqué lehenga bottom, and also a spectacular ghoonghat dupatta of wheatish gauze fabric bordered through white silk tatting. This bridal lehenga will certainly influence your lover that you are the bride of their desires!