25 Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Women 2023


The curly pixie cut is handle the traditional short women’s haircut, along with longer hair on the top frequently designed having a edge and shorter and also sides. The design choices unlimited, helping you to emphasize your locks and create beautiful appears to maintain you experiencing relaxed, awesome, and oh thus elegant. Whatever your hair type or face shape, we have curly pixie cut that is stunning for you. So try with different ones before you find it that you love!

A curly pixie cut is a short and stylish hairstyle that will glance completely spectacular on those with curly hair. Here are some curly pixie cut hairstyles for women you can think about:


If you would like to eliminate mass and weight from the curls for a extremely sweet, low preservation appear, or you are about having awesome with vibrant shades and fascinating ratios, these are many of the modern curly pixie cut hairstyles for women – and we assurance, you will not second guess!

Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles Tips

1. Long Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Is the traditional pixie a short hairstyle? Sure. But this does not imply you can use it and try to identify a appear which best suits you. Don’t have faith in us? After that try the long curly pixie cut, an easy method to design your locks while keeping some size to provide you with more flexibility with design (in addition to the impression of longer hair with the advantages of maintaining it short).


2. Short Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Not your long hair, and that is good because, because the short pixie cut for curly hair shows, it is a extremely flexible hairstyle. Shorter strands do not makes look uninteresting, although, since you will maintain sufficient length showing off your curl design. Choose a aspect to focus on your beautiful face and keep some strands to fall towards the face.


3. Tomboy Curly Pixie Cut Hair

The curly pixie cut is a of these haircuts which is not inherently female or masculine, which makes it ideal for the tomboys many. The charm is ways to rock this particular short hairstyle for women along with small work but maximum style factors. Still, it is very important to maintain it easy (think well balanced ratios rather than choosing a far more daring complete like an undercut or even asymmetrical design).


4. Undercut Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyle

For all edgy babes searching for anything to essentially create their hair sparkle, it’s a chance to think about the undercut curly pixie cut. It is a mixture of the traditional pixie haircut, that is usually longer on top with somewhat shorter back and sides. However, your back and edges are significantly shorter for this strategy, providing you with that ultracool full that exudes perspective.


5. Naturally Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Should you be blessed along with normally delicious locks and searching for a cute however easy method to design them, choose the curly pixie cut. Everything we love concerning the pixie is awesome it appears on everybody along with all designs, but curls are specifically attractive since celebrate a far more balanced complete.


6. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut Hair

For all babes who wish to try different things, then a asymmetrical curly pixie cut is what you will need. The important thing feature in order to attaining this look is perfect for various lengths to each side (one is somewhat longer compared to other), that can help you accomplish an unbalanced and ultra-modern complete. It can also face the hairline look larger – and who does not want that?


7. Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Round Faces 

Women with round faces frequently experience it is difficult to locate a haircut that suits their characteristics while offsetting the roundness. Thankfully the curly pixie cut can do exactly that, making the impression of the longer face. As well, the curls provide a appear a smoother complete and can assist to accomplish volume and volume.


8. Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Older Women

Our hair’s progress rate will slow just as we age, and also strands become slimmer. For that reason, a lot of women choose to cut their locks shorter, that can offset the thinning. That is not the one motive the curly pixie haircut for aged women is superior: this is a fresh and fun haircut that is low-maintenance and also a smart way showing out of your structure.


9. Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Thick Hair

The curly pixie cut is really a trusted hairstyle for women. Additionally, it looks beautiful with strands of different thicknesses, if you have thick hair, accept shorts haircut for women to get eliminate the bulk and weight. In this manner a glance which will feel lighter, contemporary, and younger, so you won’t regret cutting your locks!


10. Low-Maintenance Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles

The curly pixie cut will be designed in a variety of ways, which makes it a famous choice (no two looks need to be a similar). That said, if you need a low-maintenance short haircut complete, it’s maintain your hair all one size; by doing this, you’ll prevent received it cut so frequently, and it can become designed with small work.


11. Blonde Curly Pixie Cut Hair

Selection method to extremely provide your attractive tone of blonde hair alive compared to a curly pixie cut? This mixture is a match up made in paradise and a good way to highlight your curl design. Simply because blonde is certainly a light shade, it will attract focus on your strands. Simultaneously, it will enhance your attributes.


12. Curly Pixie Cut Hair for Oval Face

Oval faces are among the most excellent face shapes since can accomplish a lot of hairstyles. Short or long hair, bangs or any bangs, the curly pixie cut is a wonderful choice and will also be particularly cool when they are worn having a somewhat parted edge (this can stability the characteristics while also featuring your current eyes).


13. Curly Pixie Cut for Black Hair

The curly pixie cut can be vibrant or lighting, you can also maintain it simple and easy choose a more sophisticated complete by design it along with black hair. The dark color can also be extremely flattering, frequently assisting to cover indications of harm such as dryness and split finishes (in comparison, blonde hair will focus on this stuff). We realize the quantity of curl varieties could lack moisture, whenever it is you, proceed bold and have black!


14. Silver Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Selection method to test your hair shade compared to a silver hair curly pixie cut? We have been not speaking about the natural grey colors which happen along with age but rather choosing an artificial color which is flattering on all composition. It’s the stylish method to provide a hairstyle a great and contemporary complete.


15. Messy Curly Pixie Hair

Messy hair, That is not important! It’s time for you to expand your curls and enable them become the concentrate of the your look using the curly pixie cut. The shorter hairstyle for women is fantastic for women looking an easy however fashionable look which will continue to showcase their locks with no inconvenience of investing hours detangling and styling. Talking about design, it is a breeze since there’s no requirement to make sure every strand is completely in position.


16. Curly Pixie Cut Hairstyles with Hair Color

We like the curly pixie cut with hair color as it is daring and contemporary. The thing about color your locks inside your preferred tone can it be attracts even more focus on them using the allowing you to show off your playful part. Don’t hesitate for taking dangers, because haircut indicates, it could definitely advantageous!


17. Short Curly Hairstyles with Nape Undercut

If you value short haircuts and experience it will help you showcase your short curly hair without having inconvenience but are not confident the curly pixie cut is edgy sufficient for yourself, hold out. Let us tells you about the nape undercut, a glance that is, because the name indicates, described by the concentrate on the hair at the nape from the throat.


18. Neat Pixie Cut for Curly Hairstyles

Your locks could be difficult to design and feel wild and untameable. An excellent fix is to wear them short having a hairstyle such as the curly pixie cut. Although some styles take advantage of by design unstructured cuts and messy design, choosing a neat complete is excellent. To achieve this, make certain your curls are luxurious with your preferred item.


19. Red Curly Pixie Hairstyles

Red hair is organic shade, and with this sort of small portion worldwide rocking this color, much more it all the greater recognizable when somebody will. What exactly is to not love concerning the red colored curly pixie cut? The solution is almost nothing as the attractive tone creates your locks much more obvious and will focus on your cut. Be ready to be seen!


20. Pink Curly Pixie Hair

Pink hair designed for a curly pixie belongs to the hottest choices for any woman who would like to showcase their female side (the color is related to beauty and love). There are multiple colors to select, helping you to chose the ideal color according to preferences: say hello to hot pink if you wish to be prominent, or be delicate having a pastel.


21. Curly Pixie Hairstyles with Fade

The curly pixie cut having a change is really a edition of the hairstyle closer to traditional: the hair on top is kept longer, providing the impression of length and bounties, as the back and sides are steadily shorter. The beauty this appearance is the design, which appears nice and awesome.


22. Curly Pixie Hair with Bangs

Selection method to enhance your characteristics and attract focus on your face compared to bangs? Bangs are extremely vibrant and flattering and is designed in a variety of methods. Including putting them on with a curly pixie cut for a feminine and extremely cute appearance. Besides will your bangs showcase your locks, however they will even focus on your eyes.


23. Balayage Curly Pixie Hairstyles

Color your hair is definitely the best way to improve your appearance, however everyone knows simply how much preservation it could be (and normal salon visits can be expensive). Thus, a welcome option is balayage. The sweeping app lightens the strands without concentrating on in the dark roots. This will make it less servicing although also making a beautiful distinction.


24. 3C Curly Pixie Cut Hair

There are many hair types of curls, such as 3C, that are described by their corkscrew look. There isn’t question this belongs to the most spacious choices and is perfect for accomplishing height, but they may also be liable to dryness and shrinking (which is anything to think about when cutting your strands in a curly pixie cut).


25. Curly Pixie Hairstyles Shaved Sides

For many who want different things and like to stay ahead of the crowd, than combination in, we certainly have only the look for you. Say hello for the curly pixie cut along with shaved sides. Its undeniably badass but additionally extremely fashionable. As well, you take advantage of removing most and weight of the curls.


How Do You Style A Curly Pixie Cut?

Should you have devoted to the curly pixie cut and so are now researching ways to design it, this YouTube video will provide you with each one of the suggestions you will need. You should preparation your hair keep it’s wet first, and you should make use of different curl-approved items (this can improve your curls or even assist offer more keep). The use of heat design, use a heat defense item. Read more in the video below…

Curly Pixie Cut FAQs

Can You Have A Pixie With Curly Hair?

You could completely use a pixie cut with curly hair. This traditional short hairstyle for women is fantastic for various designs and could be designed in different ways to meet your choice. Typically, the hair is held longer on the top with shorter strands within the back and also edges.

Is A Pixie Cut Good For Thick Curly Hair?

The pixie cut is the ideal choose a variety of distinct thicknesses however for those looking to remove many of the bulk from their curls, the pixie cut is an excellent choice. It can choose a hair experience lighter and simple to design.

Is A Curly Pixie Cut Low Preservation?

The curly pixie cut will be low maintenance according to how you will design it. For instance, if you maintain it all one size then your hair can produce out normally and you could much more among cuts. Should you choose an undercut or a fade, this will need more preservation and normal trips for the salon. A similar can be stated for colored hair.