50 Best Mirror Work Blouse Designs for Women 2023


Mirror work is not really innovative in the fashion market. Mirror work blouse is definitely a range of fashion designers especially because of the beautiful appearance they enhance the dresses. Usage of mirror work on the blouses will make them perfect for events and occasional wear. You could set a mirror work blouse having a mirror work saree and even with a simple saree according to your option.


Extreme flexibility can be done in mirror work which made mirror work blouse designs a pattern in the fashion world. Thus, if you are taking care of a lovely blouse for your saree or even lahenga, the mirror work blouses can help to make an excellent choice. To assist you select the best one through the latest mirror work blouse designs, below is best collection.

1. Amazing Half Sleeved Mirror Work Blouse

Woman desires to be sunshine, and when you are also among those, then the gorgeous square neck blouse design with mirror work is simply for you to raise your beautiful appearance.


2. Stunning Navy Blue Mirror Work Blouse

Should you be looking for the choice to obtain a luxurious look in your appearance after that having seen this wonderful half sleeved, mirror work blouse design in navy blue shade, you might stop looking for another choice.


3. Beautiful Oval Shape Mirror Work Blouse

Right now take pleasure in every joyful season with your spectacular look, and if you’d like to wear lehenga then this gorgeous tone sleeveless, mirror work blouse with pretty oval design will likely be one of the significantly better choices to look spectacular.


4. Attractive Semi Sleeved Mirror Work Blouse

Have a fresh look with your gorgeous look with this fresh colour of semi sleeved blouse which has outstanding mirror work to make you look prettier than normal look.


5. Eye-Catching Back String Mirror Work Blouse

“Become classic while walking with the latest fashion” this collection indicates you could choose a few things altogether by selecting this gorgeous half sleeved, mirror work blouse with back string.


6. Round Neck Mirror Work Blouse

View this picture which two mirror work blouse designs in round neck design you can use on lehenga and sari. Now whatever is decided to put on these blouse designs can provide the best improve to your every dressed-up look.


7. Stylish Sleeveless Mirror Work Blouse

In this contemporary world, you have to come up with the most recent style that may show your presence definitely, and this orange color, sleeveless blouse design with heavy neck and mirror work is the one which will certainly fulfill your much better requirements.


8. Elegant Back-Less Mirror Work Blouse

Here’s an additional image that will meet your hopes for having a model appearance. See both blouse designs which have been provided in this picture. Certainly is not it your best option to resemble a model?


9. Stand Collar Mirror Work Blouse

Try something totally new that will provide you with a distinct but spectacular appearance. This beautiful blue color, stand collar blouse design with mirror work is the style that will help you look both strange and amazing as well.


10. Attractive Full Neck Mirror Work Blouse

Deep neck and backless blouse designs are extremely well-known, however the elegance of full neck blouse cannot be ignored that you could see within this tangy color, full neck blouse with expression work that holds an hard to beat appeal.


11. Fabulous Back Zip Mirror Work Blouse

Whatever you wear which makes a decision your style and modern quality as well, and when you want to come up with the modernity, the style of back zip blouse design with mirror work is really an excellent option.


12. Off Round Neck Mirror Work Blouse

Round neck blouse designs definitely look fairly an excellent we discuss off circular neck blouse design with mirror work in neckline after that we have to label it along with prettier than the former, and you may also transform your extremely look into prettier by having this blouse design in your collection.


13. Stylish Full Mirror Work Blouse

Full mirror work blouse design indicates filled with appeal and elegance as well. It is now the time whenever you should full yourself along with elegance and beauty with this blood re shaded, mirror work blouse.


14. Classy Tangy Color Mirror Work Blouse

Combine the tang in your lifetime as well as your look with this tangy shade, mirror work blouse to have the shiny spark that should keep you center of fascination everywhere, and people must not get tired with rising your elegance.


15. Classic Mirror Work Blouse

If you wish to wear a traditional touch which should also are part of the latest fashion compared to this particular heavy mirror work, half sleeved blouse design along with back string would be the smartest choice you can decide to choose your wishes real.


16. Trendy Mirror Work Blouse

It’s the era where we all want to be stylish specially when thinking about wearing sari or lehenga your blouse selection should be picky and distinctive. Here is a choice of mirror work blouse design that may provide you with the greatest compliment by promoting your gorgeous appearance.


17. Fashionable Mirror Work Blouse

There are many techniques you know to research the elegance but the easiest way is the method you have the style, and if a person find the type of this mirror work blouse provided in this picture then undoubtedly to be a fashionable diva.


18. Heavy Maggam Design, Mirror Work Blouse

Right now don’t stop oneself through going through the floor with the addition of this mixture heavy maggam work and mirror work in your blouse which has the fantastic potential to take a look at the floor and impress the world.


19. Different Colored Mirror Work Blouse

Understand the dialect of expression individuals are likely to the word and gratitude as well with no terms when you wear this vibrant, mirror work blouse design which will let your elegance make noises in everybody heart.


20. Light Colored Mirror Work Blouse

This particular white color of sleeveless, off boat neck blouse with mirror work is definitely an as ideal choice an additional side this tangy shaded, half sleeved., round neck blouse design showing the important elegance which is hidden you.


21. Beautiful V Neck, Mirror Work Blouse

You are not in a position to stop yourself from stating amazing! Having seen this picture of sleeveless, mirror work blouse design which has top complete boat neckline and at back V neckline which is examine daring elegance.


22. Extremely Pink Color, Mirror Work Blouse

Pink is a shade which is very popular among the many women, and you may additionally state it among the favorite colours in women, and when you might be putting on this quite pink color, heavy mirror work blouse after that without a doubt people likely to call you beautiful women.


23. Multiple Mirror Work Blouse

The following is a picture lets you select the right for you through the multiple choice of mirror work blouse, however the best part of the picture is whatever the design you select is the ideal for your diva look.


24. Party Wear, Mirror Work Blouse

Party is a spot where all women desires to look prettier than any other, and so they Perform every thing for the like make-up, accessories, etc but the best benefit is your wearing, and when you would like to have the best look then that mirror work blouse design with yellow-colored colour of the sari may be the one which can assist you to create a perfect option.


25. Advanced, Mirror Work Blouse

The delicate appearance is achievable if you create a perfect choice of your clothing particularly when thinking about wearing sari then your perfect choice of blouse must. This white color, mirror work blouse would be the right option that may never allow you to are not able to look gorgeous.


26. Golden Color, Mirror Work Blouse

The golden color is among the shades which you can use with several choice of wearing and when you might be wearing this sleeveless, golden color blouse which has off boat neck and mirror work after that very easily you can be within the highlight associated with the people.


27. Front Zip, Mirror Work Blouse

This specific pink shade of front zip blouse can make you appearance an attention grabbing elegance which will take the center of everybody, and mirror work that is carried out on the back and in front sides could keep you went out with using the latest design.


28. Princess Cut, Mirror Work Blouse

You have to become the princess of your father, and today you have a excellent choice to appearance princess with this particular princess cut, mirror work blouse within gorgeous blue shade that will enable you to rule the field of magnificence.


29. Stone And Mirror Work Blouse

Have a look which can be above the creativity of the elegance world with this particular green color; half sleeved blouse that has wonderful stone and mirror work to stone the world.


30. Net Blouse With Mirror Work

Mirror work blouse gets the ignite to seize the interest of all, and when this mirror work is completed in net blouse, after that nobody can stop looking at you for your gorgeous appear using this sleeveless, net blouse along with mirror work.


31. Through out Round Mirror Work Blouse Design For Wedding

This gorgeous and beautiful blouse has complete covering mirror work that expands with the same solidity even on the sleeves. The blouse features a deep “U” back neck cut that fits completely with the type of the blouse. The clasps can be found at the back. You could set this blouse having an throughout mirror work saree or even having a saree with mirror work border because revealed in the image.


32. Full Sleeve Blouse Design With Mirror Work

This kind of blouse has a distinctive mirror work design in which the mirrors are actually put to make a design over the sleeves along with paisley designs. Huge layer of mirror work is available around the round cut at the back that makes it appearance completely spectacular. The Mirror work on the sleeves is focused close to the top arm area as well as on the fore arm but the elbow the main sleeve is without the style.


33. Mirror Work Blouse Along with One Side Work

This creative searching velvet blouse can make a perfect wear for celebrations and wedding ceremonies. This blouse has short round neck and the neck continues to be outlined having a layer of complex zari design. The mirror work continues to be completed on just one side following the neckline border, since the other part of the blouse will stay protected using the pallu. The work uses decorative mirrors of two sizes and also the work is usually provide on the sleeves.


34. High Neck Blouse With Stone And Mirror Work

Using vibrant stones between mirrors has with all this blouse a deluxe and various appearance. The blouse has high neck and the work have been completed using decorative mirrors various shape and size. The upper portion of the blouse is totally included with the work, as the lower component has more distributed work with larger decorative mirrors various sizes and stones. On the sleeves just one line of constant mirror perform is found.


35. Multi Color Bridal Mirror Work Blouse

This blouse features a very beautiful look because of the use of substantial variety of decorative mirrors to protect the whole blouse. In this instance smaller along with larger round designed mirrors have been used to have the perfect appearance. What makes this blouse design definitely various is the utilization of colorings of threads encompassing each one of the mirrors. The blouse has thin band and the clasps can be found at the back. This blouse can be completely associated with a net saree.


36. Designer Mirror Work Embroidery Blouse Design

This gorgeous blouse becomes its distinctive look because of the utilization of mirrors various shapes to make small and larger think about. The work is provide throughout, such as slim band; however it will not include the blouse materials totally, creating the best distinction of colors. For attaching the showcases, posts various shades have been utilized. This blouse can be completely combined having a cotton or silk saree to appear beautiful.


37. Thread Work Mirror Blouse Design

This beautiful blouse features a unique check out it because of the heavy work provide throughout the blouse. The blouse features a unique cutting, having a collared neck, net front and a little curled shoulder straps which lengthen to the sleeves. Right here the mirror work continues to be utilized for featuring the thread work which blouse could be perfectly combined with any saree to have a ideal hunt for wedding and parties.


38. Blouse Design With Spread Mirror Work

This vibrant blouse features a unique design of mirror work which makes it beautiful but easy. Below square designed mirrors happen to be utilized on the back in the blouse sustaining identical range from one another. Within the hands mirror work has been applied as well as cut work to find the perfect search. This blouse could be completely combined having a silk, net or chiffon saree to have the perfect look in the daytime celebrations.


39. Bridal Mirror Work Blouse Design

This wonderful and lovely blouse functions mirror work with string work to have the unique outlook. Golden zari is useful for liner the works which will make the entire design look more visible. The black foundation of the blouse functions perfectly as a different background. This blouse might be preferably combined with net saree or a gorgeous lahenga to obtain the suitable search for wedding party


40. Halter Mirror Work Neck Blouse Design

This blouse makes use of reflect work as well as intensive use strings and zari inside golden. The halter neck in the blouse enhances it a contemporary look as the heavy and covering complex work throughout the body can make it appearance definitely magnificent. This blouse will be perfect for weddings and is combined with sarees along with lahengas to have the perfect look.


41. Wedding Designer Mirror Work Blouse

This blouse make use of mirror work in a special method to have a rich and distinctive look. Mirrors various shape and size have been applied all around the body such as the sleeves. The blouse features a high round neck and also a really rich look for it. This blouse could be completely combined with chiffon, net or silk saree. Along with other suit lahenga of complementing work.


42. Sweet Heart Cut Blouse With Mirror Work

Attractive sweet heart cut blouse has other shoulder straps as well as the entire body of the blouse is similarly included with decorative mirrors various shapes and sizes. Colorings of threads are also utilized for affixing the mirrors so as to provide the blouse the best look. The shoulder straps in the blouse use a solitary layer of round designed mirror work. This blouse is actually a excellent complement net and chiffon bridal sarees.


43. Pink Wedding Blouse With Over Mirror Work

This beautiful blouse makes use of mirrors various sizes and shapes to pay for the complete body along with the band. Threads of pink, golden and silver color happen to be utilized on various mirrors to provide this blouse another appear. Just one layer of smaller sized rounded mirror have been utilized to edge the waist exactly. The blouse presents back clasps and also slim band. This blouse is perfect for wedding use.


44. Mirror Work Blouse With Net

This blouse makes use of sophisticated mirror work throughout the strong body of the blouse as well as the sleeves in addition , on the net created top section of the body of the blouse. The work within the solid portion much more covering than the work found on the net aspect. Utilization of black, yellow and also red threads for fixing the mirrors has furnished this blouse a unique look. Set this net, mirror work blouse along with any kind of silk, chiffon or net saree to charm in the celebration.


45. Mirror Work Wedding Blouse Design

This blouse features heavy use mirrors and also golden strings in the unique style. The work masks the shoulder portion of the blouse along with the sleeves with interspersing stripes in the basic materials. The blouse features lower back design and the clasps can be found within the back. A single coating of mirror work is included on the waist to finish the appearance. This blouse is really a perfect wear for weddings.


46. Cured Shoulder Straps Mirror Work Blouse Design

This stunning blouse provides around mirror work in a fashion which gives increase to a examined design. One coating of mirrors are utilized on the edges as the center portion is included in putting mirrors in an option design. Another examine note with this blouse designs is a shoulder straps that are somewhat curved as well as contains a similar mirror work. Set this blouse having a silk, chiffon or net saree to have an ideal hunt for any celebration.


47. Boat Neck Velvet Blouse With Mirror Work

It is a different traditional sort of mirror work on net. Right here mirrors various styles happen to be utilized on the net made top section of the blouse to intensify the floral design. Set this blouse having a net or chiffon saree.


48. Boat Neck Mirror Work Blouse With Net

This blouse makes use of translucent net material within the upper front and back part, as the lower part and also the sleeves of the blouse are made of solid substance. The mirror work is available throughout within the solid area of the blouse and sparsely on the translucent net created portion. The blouse utilizes hand mirror of two sizes and appears completely beautiful. This blouse is often combined with any kind of net or chiffon or silk saree.


49. Mirror Work Princess Cut Boat Neck Blouse

This boat neck beautiful red hued blouse has mirror work in neck part and the sleeves. The neck place of the blouse has sophisticated zari work together with mirrors that include the fabric fully. The sleeves in the blouse are mid-length and the mirrors can be found throughout the sleeves. Mirrors various styles can found in this blouse. They even make this blouse with any kind of silk or chiffon saree to appear your very best.


50. Distinctive Cutwork And Prints Mirror Work Blouse Designs

This amazing searching blouse utilizes mirror work and cutwork to have the appearance. Below the front area of the body has the mirror work inter spersed along with cut cutwork. There are vibrant floral prints found in this part. The upper section of the blouse around the neck and also short sleeves are made of look out of substance along with self-floral vine work and is without the mirror or cut work.