35 Best Mullet Haircuts For Men In 2024


The mullet haircut is the most famous men’s hairstyle of the ’80s. Could short in front, long on the back haircut has experienced its fair share of humor, it’s creating it’s long ago in style. Football players, Artists, Actors, fashion stylists, and musicians have started to accept the mullet for its eye-catching form and laidback feel. The mullet is enterprise in front, party on the back! It’s a haircut for men who are not frightened to stray from the masses and don’t have themselves significantly. It’s a remarkably flattering appearance, meeting lots of face shapes.


1. Modern Curly Mullet Haircuts

Modern curly hair is an excellent fit for that mullet-cut haircut. That is, the natural quantity and reversal of curls make the enhancements made on the size from front to back. Having the hair long in the back part provides you with an opportunity to show off and allow your curls to sparkle without having entertainment from the face. This appearance is effective if you rock the ‘70s or ‘80s-inspired design because it gives thoughts of retro rock stars and Hollywood’s top men of this period.


2. Mohawk Mullet Haircuts

Have you desired to use a couple of haircuts at the same time? You can now, many thanks to the mohawk mullet. A hairstyle that escapes gravity, you can maintain your hair at any size. But, for a much more legitimate mullet feel, maintain the top of your head slightly smaller than the bottom – this will make it simpler to design. For all those with straight or shorter hair, apply certain gel to include quantity to the origins. However, it is possible to apply a little sea salt apply in it for a much more fuzzy sense or let it stay organic.


3. Mullet Shag Haircuts

Different from a conventional mullet with hair that’s fairly shut off between top and bottom, this shaggy option utilizes various levels to frame the face. This design is spectacular and a smart way to recognize the ’70s era while keeping a contemporary touch. The wonder behind this hairdo is a variety of techniques to form the layers – stay with a straight fringe for a fashion-forward visual, or stay with a classic cut in front and keep the choppy pattern in the back.


4. Punk Mullet Haircuts

Punk’s not lifeless, and none are mullets. This specific hard-as-nails hairstyle is ideal for a man who is not scared to look infinitely. Just like a skinhead design, maintain the hair topping your head near the skin. Even so, towards the crown of your head, keep the tips just a little lengthier so that you can spike them up with gel or clay-based. This appears to work best for long or short hair; just be sure it’s as small as feasible above the ears. Now you are looking forward to the next gig or a visit to the pub.


5. Permed Mullet Haircuts

For your really brave, you can not go beyond the long curly mullet. To create this look, you must ensure your curls are complete and never cozy. Get a unique curl-defining design cream or even pomade. Your hair must also be cropped very short to emphasize the comparison in this mullet. Should you have very heavy hair, the long curly mullet signifies you may indicate out of your curls without raising them away all over – which could appear messy and be hard to preserve, specifically in the summer temperature. Maintain the design from searching as well retro by teaming it having a cool suit and declaration colors.


6. Mullet with Line Up Haircuts

Show your personality with some artwork within your mullet. A lineup is a traditional trusted and will make a fascinating accord around long and short hair, specifically if you use a fade below. For everyone willing to let it fly, question your barber for a more sophisticated part of the art on your temples, like a geometric form, smart lines, or anything 3D.


7. Mullet with Fringe Haircuts

For the high-fashion, editorial influenced the mullet, including declaration bangs. A thick, straight, throughout blunt fringe provides it with a highly advanced feel. All these bangs highlight the disconnection between the front and back portions and appear excellent on oval face styles. While bangs themselves must be blow-dried sleek, the long back area can be held loose and unstyled because appearance is about comparison.


8. Undercut Mullet Haircuts

Should you be slightly skeptical about going infinitely for the mullet, including an undercut is an excellent approach to check it out. Shaving the edges and also the under can give an instantaneous impression you can smooth your hair completely down your neck. Make certain you have shorter hair on top of the head and longer in the crown so that you can provide the feeling of a mullet. Whenever you’re expecting a new appearance, acquire the hair and take it in a ponytail or bun.


9. Drop Fade Mullet Haircuts

The drop fade mullet includes a couple of the latest hairstyles for men today. A drop fade indicates the faded portion of your cut ‘drops’ down behind your head, creating a terrific arc influence. Other hair can be kept as long as you would like, but including a mullet will offer the cut an additional layer of mindset. The drop fade mullet is the best of both sides: the size of one style using the ultra-short, tapered look of the different. It’s not for your faint-hearted, but if you act like you are daring sufficient, it’s the most cutting border cuts out there.


10. Short Mullet Haircuts

We need to retain it short and nice, using this mullet, which is. This design is nice and prepared to rock everywhere. It’s a more contemporary meaning of the design created popular by essays in the ’90s, British chavs, as well as Australian rap and also drill scene. The very best half of your hair must be considerably shorter compared to the back; you could maintain it constant or shaggy as soon you reach your ears. After that, let the longer hair hit the center of the neck. Form the face having a French crop, or keep the edges having a fade or even a faux hawk.


11. Modern Mullet Haircuts

A more low-key and elegant approach to try the hairstyle is the modern mullet. Should you be roughly certain if a mullet is for a person – or you are searching for a much less noticeable and much more office-friendly edition – here is the cut for you. The modern mullet does not possess as sudden a move from the short front part to the long back area. Rather, the design is more managed to graduate and smooth. It’s a flattering appearance should you have normally heavy and wavy hair; your hair is going to be present without getting out of hand.


12. 80s Mullet Haircuts

The ‘80s are back largely, also it isn’t closing at vogue. Currently, the classic mullet style is the trend. In the past, it was about having the hair fluffy and filled with quantity – added points if you bought shoulder-length hair behind the ears. The most popular adaptions range from the loves of Billy Ray Cyrus and Rob Lowe. Nowadays, you can imitate the hairdo by staying faithful to the ultimate opposites in hair length, combined with having a modern twist. Include gel in the following tips and make a new version of quantity having a quiff or improvement.


13. Skin Fade Mullet Haircuts

As the skin fade is often famous for being a finished design ideal for business and formal occasions, it gets a whole identification when coupled with a mullet. Fretting and rebellious, your skin fades mullet as about sharpened angles and an unlimited mindset. Thick hair must create the almost geometric highlights of this appearance, as you’ll require natural volume to help make the hair stand. Mixed with a streetwear visual, the cut is actually slim and indicate – and extremely fashionable.


14. Slick Back Mullet Haircuts

Absolutely nothing states ‘smooth’ really like a slicked-back hairstyle, but if you act like you definitely mean enterprise, give it a try with a mullet. This really is favored by anyone who has long hair on the whole in the head; however, shorter sides and cascade hair towards the neck. Because the determination indicates that this hairdo is seen as a smooth shape and is simple to replicate. Utilizing volume-boosting items such as pomade or mousse, utilize a brush through the top of the forehead, operating backward and down the nape of the neck. As soon as you’ve protected the whole space, apply certain hairspray to retain a wait the ‘do.


15 . Long Straight Mullet Haircuts

The most well-known edition of the mullet is a long and straight type. For people who wish to repeat Australia’s favorite ’80s design consistently, here is the one. Although it could be a polarising appearance, the long, straight mullet is flattering and low-maintenance. You have to fashion the short front area – test wax to make consistency, lift, and motion – then let the prolonged back area hang loose and unstyled. Good and thick hair kinds each fit this style.


16. Mullet Fade Haircut

Currently hot for the mid-fade, fall fade, or anywhere between? This trendy hairdo combinations elegance with an edgy twist and is not for the weak of heart. Like a standard mullet, you’ll wish to keep the hair considerably longer on the back and shorter through the ears and max. The things that make this hairstyle distinctive from the others, even so, would be the buzzed wats or temples. There are many measures to select from, such as temporary, taper, or a high fade – we advise the fade for a stylish look.


17. Half Up Half Down Mullet Haircut

Ideal for the guy on the run, the half-up-half-down mullet completely includes performance and play. It is really an ideal hairstyle for all those with longer locks, even though it’s shorter within the front or top. Collect the tendrils from the crown of your mind and tie this high or low as preferred. It is really an outstanding choice if you’re starting up a boardroom conference or hanging out using your friends – it is effective in every situation and keeps you cut and neat.


18. Asymmetrical Fringe with Fade Mullet Haircut

The mullet is a bold but remarkably awesome hairstyle that can be quickly designed. It is possible to change it to suit your choice, such as an asymmetrical fringe. This particular fringe is described by the position where it is cut, with one particular part of the fringe being considerably longer compared to the other. This enables you to definitely have distinct symmetries and focus on your hair consistency while also sketching focus on the eyes. Using a mullet with a fringe can also choose a more well-balanced hair, as now there is duration within the front and back. This is a wonderful option for the man who would like to create a declaration. Set it having a fade to get more design and to make a delicate comparison between hair on the sides using the back, front, and top.


19. Blow Out Mullet Haircut

The traditional mullet attributes hair short within the sides and the best size kept within the back, creating a spectacular hairstyle. You can make it much more recognizable by choosing a blowout. The particular blowout utilizes heat styling to make quantity in front, with hair blown backward, leaving behind you with larger hair that appears thicker and healthful. Brushing and flossing the hair from the forehead could open the face, sketching focus on the face. The beauty of the blowout is that it is additionally flexible and is designed on hair of all lengths and designs. Try out various lengths to choose the look functions right for you. Keep in mind that longer hair will likely be bigger creating more like a declaration.


20. Caesar with Skin Fade and Mullet Haircut

The Caesar cut belongs to the many elegant and flexible short hairstyles for men; it will be unique to fit your hair texture and choice. The cut is short, with a fairly similar length around the head and along with horizontal bangs. For many who need more bold take on this tradition, you can select to leave more length in the back, making a mullet. For further design and to help make the hairstyle slimmer, you must include a skin fade. This fade is really a cut that participants from a longer size on the top, right down to the skin. In this way, a hairstyle is a fresh and contemporary method of the standard mullet and even more wearable.


21. Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut

The faux hawk is really a more wearable method of the mohawk, and as a result of hair shaving right down to the skin on the sides, it frequently utilizes a fade. It might be shorter and makes less contrast between the length of hair within the middle of the head and edges; it is perfect for tailoring it to match your choice, it will be used along with hair of most designs. The faux hawk can sketch focus on your hair texture above your head. Combining it having a mullet is a much more bold option and will make a fascinating stability using the back and above the head.


22. Flat Top Mullet Haircut

The flat best is a hairstyle described by the height and level. It is a design that was first prominent in the 50s but continues to be adapted many times during the last many years, especially throughout the ’80s and ’90s. It has a smooth top over the mind, is organized within the back and sides, and is most effective with distinctive hair. The flat top can be designed to match your choice; you can experiment with many different heights and dimensions. For many who want different things, an edgy option is really a flat top, along with a mullet, that attributes length within the back. It’s not always one of the most wearable hairstyles and can take a few significant assurances to pull off; however, for men who would like to stand out, here is the way to make it.


23. Long Mullet with Hair Design

The mullet might be made in a variety of measures, from long to short; the longer your hair, the more unique the mullet will likely be. The hairstyle is just not the best to pull off; however, it is remarkably flexible and gives itself well to customization. This consists of including a hair design for your hair. Hairstyles could be everything from easy lines and designs to complex sketches and symbols. These are a method to show your imagination, stay ahead of the crowd, and have a conversation. This hairstyle is perfect for people who want something edgy and awesome.


24. Mullet with Bowl Cut

If you value organized but option designs, consider combining your bowl cut having a mullet. The mushroom-like look describes the bowl cut, and hair is actually held the same size throughout the head. The design has been refreshed since the 80s with numerous approaches to use it, such as an undercut, which provides more construction. Combining the bowl cut having a mullet is a mixture that not everyone is able to pull off, though it is amazingly flattering of all face designs. This is not one of the most expert cuts and is much better suitable for someone who cannot work in a traditional management and business environment.


25. Mullet with Short Fringe and Skin Fade Haircut

The mullet is usually described by hair that is short towards the top and sides, along with length in the back. Even so, there is a lot of understanding of the mullet, and there have been provided numerous improvements to make it look more contemporary and customized. If you wish to include design to your hair and create a distinction using the hair on top and back, get a skin fade; the fade graduates from longer on the top and is cut to your skin. A short fringe could be flattering and attract focus to the face, featuring the functions. It may also develop a more balanced look, with hair within the forehead and at the nape.


26. Mullet with Taper Fade and Fringe Haircut

Including a fringe in a hairstyle is a superb option since it can attract focus to the face. The best fringe can also enhance the trim, and a lot of ways to wear a fringe, according to the preferred size and hair feel. Using a mullet having a fringe can make a more well-balanced, and fewer differences appear. To include shape to the hair and create a fascinating design, you could accomplish this by having a taper fade. Tapering is whenever hair slowly shortens within the edges and also the back. This leaves much more size above the head; we have a broad variety of ways to accomplish this, such as choosing a low, middle, or high taper. The inclusion of your haircut is extremely flattering and is completed with all hair designs.


27. Mullet with Textured Haircut

Textured hair is perfect for a mullet as it can be cut to appear less specific. The combined experience could make the mullet simpler to wear and not as crystal clear as clashes between the top and sides and also the back of your head. The mullet is remarkably flattering and can suit many face designs. Textured hair could create a little messy and extensive look, giving your hair volume and making it look healthful. You can try out the length you would like to maintain the back; the smaller it is, the less spectacular your look will likely be.


28. Natural Wavy Mullet Haircut

A mullet on normally wavy hair is indisputably the most flattering method to check out this cut. The texture helps cut appearance more combined, and you may test out different measures; the hair in the back does not possibly be as extreme. This is a way to adopt your waves and have absolutely them off. There are lots of methods to design your hair, enabling you to accomplish your preferred finish. This might be completed by making a much higher volume level as well as cleaning the hair backward. Or even, for a much more structured appearance, you can add the diminish; it will highlight the texture topping the head.


29. Slick Back with a Forehead Fade Mullet Haircut

The slick back is really an innovative and masculine haircut described through the hair being blown backward, creating quantity. Attempting to feature a shiny or somewhat wet look accomplished utilizing pomade or even gel; in addition, it keeps your hair in position. It is an excellent search for men who would like a fashionable complete, but it can be combined having a mullet along with a forehead fade for many who want anything edgy and distinct. It is very important to maintain the hair in the back fairly short and never as extreme as the traditional method of the mullet. A forehead slowly fades to the skin around the temples. It can provide a hair design and distinction using the top and back of your head, featuring fullness.


30. Sophisticated Mullet Haircut

The mullet is definitely an edgy and cool hairstyle for many people, albeit slightly hard to accomplish and with some unfavorable organizations. However, the current method of this hairstyle could be extremely flattering on men and look much more advanced. It is very important to stabilize the ratios; never choose a lot of sizes at the back of your head so that the cut looks much more combined using the top and sides. It may use all hair designs. However, you may choose to think about including a fade to design the hairstyle.


31. Spiky Mullet Haircut

Hair improvements are ideal for making consistency and making your hair look fuller and thicker on top. It is just a look that can be accomplished with hair textures but is simpler to make on curly and wavy hair as it provides you with a much more natural look. Utilize a pomade or polish on towel-dried hair and form smooth peaks within your preferred size and height to produce improvement. When combined having a mullet, the concentrate is on the back of your head and the top. It is ideal for someone who loves the thought of the mullet but does not need it to be as obvious or within your face. Test out various lengths in the back and on top and sides.


32. Two-Toned Tossed Mullet Haircut

Many mullet appears are created to be wearable and fewer different, and then there exists a style such as the two-toned mullet. Choosing two shades will attract focus on your hair and emphasize the texture. These types of colors can be of the selecting; for those who have dark hair, you really should put blonde on it to enhance and lighten your look. You can also test out abnormal colors as an exciting way to have a conversation. You need to acquire a tousled, intentionally undone look in this cut. Should you not have naturally textured hair, include jumpy layers to have the hair’s motion and shape. Wear this hairstyle with full confidence, and take pleasure in the focus that will come your path.


33. Dyed Hair Mullet Haircut

The highly advanced mullet is within a pop shade such as acidity eco-friendly, pink or turquoise. The cut is ideally designed to be spiky, offering it a punk side. Fresh, sharp, and highlighting on cartoony, the pop shade mullet is perfect for fashion followers who are not frightened of being bold. You will become the focal point should you rock this appearance. Spiky hair stands apart when coupled with an all-black dress, or choose a head-to-heel color for a bold acquire.


34. Rose Gold Hair Mullet Haircut

The mullet takes it to another level when combined with rose gold colored, which is among the hottest shade styles for hair. More strawberry compared to copper, this particular color suits individuals with a reasonable complexion and pink undertones. A daring color that should get the daring cut – just like a mullet. For any truly on-trend appearance, team the rose gold color mullet having a high skin fade watching heads change.


35. Mullet with Platinum Blond Hair

Blindingly blond hair has become an enormous pattern with regard to A-list men in the last couple of years, and it does not appear to be going anywhere. Should you be thinking about the bleached appearance, a mullet is definitely a similarly attention-grabbing option. Taking the two along makes an awesome Mod revival vibe, especially when combined with a suit. Simply because going platinum blond can keep hair dry and delicate, ensure you use hydrating items to maintain mullet at its ideal.


How to Cut a Mullet

One of many important elements of the mullet is a size behind your head, whenever you’re going to develop it out, first, you should choose your preferred size. Keep in mind, the longer the locks are, the greater evident the mullet is going to be – the perfect length is around two to six inches or the basic of your neck.

Normally, your hair will develop 1/2 an inch each month, so have patience! The area from the hair into 3 parts – the front of the hairline towards the center from the crown and part of the side areas from the top from the check out the ears. Cut off the center area first – cut little servings of the hair and work hair down.

Once you’ve arrived at the required length, you are able to shift onto the sides. Cut the sides upwards, leaving behind the parts at the very top longer compared to below and tapering towards the ear.

Combination the remainder of the locations as you wish, leaving it choppy or even away for a more refined appearance. Otherwise, use clippers to make a hype cut across the top and sides, leaving the wonderful tendrils in the back.


How To Cut A Mullet

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Mullet Haircuts FAQs

Why Is A Mullet Hairstyle Known As Mullet?

The origin and etymology of the mullet remain somewhat up for discussion. Even so, the Oxford English Dictionary credits the first technique expression to the Beastie Boys, using their 1994 song Mullet Head.

Is A Mullet Returning In 2023?

The mullet is definitely coming back in 2023; even so, it has a contemporary twist. Now, it’s about taking on natural structure, including fun shades, and rocking much more organized option designs. Much more hair has been maintained top compared to the 80s, and also, the size on the back is not really as serious. This provides the current mullet with a more curved but still unique design.

What Does a Mullet Haircut Appear Like?

mullet haircut attributes shorter sides and is best, as the hair in the back of your head or nape in the neck is maintained longer.

How Would You Provide A Mullet Haircut?

It’s better to head to your selected barber for a mullet cut, as possibly a little trickier than any other designs to have perfect. Your barber could area out the hair and a short crop on top. The edges from the ear ahead are usually held shorter and could be characteristic of a fade. Then, through guiding the ear, your hair is layered, having slowly longer the more back you go.