10 Best Tattoo Shops In Sydney 2023


Sydney is known for its famous places, sunny beaches, and wonderful nightlife; however, many people must realize it is home to some of the best tattoo artists worldwide. If you’re seeking to state yourself or include a feeling of artistry in your body, Sydney has anything for everybody. Whenever you’re thinking of having inked up, listed below are our top recommendations for the best tattoo shops in Sydney.


To find the best tattoo shops in Sydney, you will need to shop around and find a place with excellent popularity and artists experienced in the design of the tattoo you are looking at. Additionally it is a smart idea to book an appointment before you get there, as many famous shops book up easily.

Below are a few methods for acquiring a tattoo in sydney:

  • Be ready to spend a premium for an excellent tattoo. High quality work provides a cost, so don’t be worried to shop about and evaluate costs.
  • Be evident with what you want. Create reference photos or sketches so your artist could get recommended for your search.
  • Have patience. Tattooing can be lengthy, so be ready to sit for time.
  • Look after your tattoo following it is completed. Follow your artist’s guidance for clean-up and moisturizing your tattoo.

Best Tattoo Shops in Sydney

1. The Darling Parlour

In terms of tattoos, choosing the best artist is essential. Thankfully, The Darling Parlour provides nine in-house tattooists using their distinctive design. This family-owned company also embraces a continuing flow of guest artists who provide their valued abilities worldwide. The tattoo shop suits various styles, such as American conventional and Japanese, fine line, and dot work. The inner is as amazing, with traditional flash and wall arts within the walls that exist for purchase in-store or online. The finished wooden floors enhance the traditional appearance, as the friendly and approachable staff members choose this as the best place for those who are seeking to get their first tattoo or their 20th. Walk-ins are often welcome, which means you will get inked on a whim.


2. Bondi Ink

Bondi Ink is certainly the most popular customized tattoo shop in Sydney. This is the main reason? A success reality TV show was shot in area in 2015 and shown internationally. Nevertheless, the Bondi Ink tattoo team is usually more than just their charming on-screen individuality – these people also boast severe skills using the needle. A-listers such as Ronan Keating, Zayn Malik, and Guy Sebastian can arrange to get inked via these skilled tattoo designers. Found on the picturesque Bondi Beach, this facility is an ideal location to have a one-of-a-kind tattoo while ingesting some spectacular scenery.


3. Little Tokyo

If you’re searching for the best tattoo shops in Sydney which exceed standards, choose Little Tokyo. That is not your standard tattoo parlour– having an amazing and constantly changing roster of artists with the level of skill recommendations from the charts. Creator Rhys Gordon brings his experience into the mix, creating something unique in this place. If you’re one of the regulars or even fortunate enough to capture a guest artist getting through, you can anticipate only the best once you step into Little Tokyo. Along with this type of popularity for their services as well as popularity for quality, it’s secure to say this is Sydney’s trusted tattoo studio.


4. Lighthouse Tattoo

Should you be an amorist of conventional Japanese tattoos, that Lighthouse Tattoo is an organization you must look at. The staff of devoted professionals has perfected their abilities to make the most amazing works of art you’ll run into. With 16 artists working together, you can get all the conventional and contemporary tattoo designs you want. However, that’s only some of what they need to offer. Their studio room is a look to behold, using its elegant commercial components and lively artwork decorating the walls. And when you want to have a piece of their art home with you, you will find limited version art prints available for sale as well. Believe in us whenever we say Lighthouse Tattoo has certainly valued a visit.


5. Hibernian House

For people looking for fast, universal tattoos, Hibernian House is a location to come to in Sydney. This historic building houses a one-of-a-kind studio that concentrates solely on custom body art. Instead of flipping through a list of pre-designed tattoos, customers here work together carefully, having a particular tattooist produce a fantastic tattoo that includes both client’s persona and also the artist’s skills. This method of discussion and improvement ensures that the final item is a supply of pride for your individual for life. Hibernia’s staff of tattooists provides a good experience and artistry that makes them different from all other tattoo shops in Sydney.


6. Stoneheart Tattoo

Move within Stoneheart Tattoo and stay carried to an attractive world of creative appearance. This street-front place provides a roster of highly recognized tattoo artists that can tackle everything from classic American tattoo to racy, contemporary comics-inspired pieces. And also the best benefit? They are a short ten-minute walk from Town Hall Station and start 7 days a week. However, tattoos are not just specialized; Stoneheart has 3 in one facility of piercers who provide various piercing choices with comprehensive after-care guidance. Furthermore, should you ever want to eliminate that tattoo, the studio provides laser removal services with an easy steps price manual beginning at just $80. However is a deposit for all visits, and consultation services have time, providing you an opportunity to check out the unlimited chances of tattoo and piercing expertise.


7. Authentink Tattoo

Nestled on a captivating sidestreet in Surry Hillsides lies an urgent cherished trove for tattoo fanatics. Authentink, recognized in 2013 by well-known Irezumi learn Kian’ Horisumi’ Forreal, is a bright spot of quality for Japanese ink. From first-timers to experienced experts, Authentink is a flexible studio providing for all appearances. Nevertheless, what makes them different is their commitment to the conventional Japanese tattoo design of tebori, a hand-poked technique applied by just a choose several Australian tattoo artists. Whether or not you are looking for a stunning and legitimate piece or a modern design, Authentink assures to provide only the best.


8. Broadway Tattoo

If you are searching for the best tattoo shops in Sydney that are easy and inviting to new clients, trust only the Broadway Tattoo near the Broadway Shopping Centre. Having a staff of skilled male and female tattoo designers all set to make custom designs, this shop provides a laid-back, thoroughly clean atmosphere that attracts both first-timers and skilled tattoo lovers. If you’re thinking about body piercing, you can be very happy to realize that Commercial Strength Jewelry is offered to use. Although they decide on visits, walk-ins can also be recognized, and also the shop is open 7 days a week to support busy schedules.


Tattoo Shops in Sydney FAQs

Just how much does a tattoo cost in Sydney?

Tattoos can be costly in Sydney because the full cost utilizes the difficulty and scale of the design, also the experience of the tattoo designer. Booking a session to get one of the most special prices is recommended.